The Science Behind Spira Elastomers

SPIRA’S G88A™ Power Section Elastomer

Spira Systems customers can turn to the next generation of power section elastomers and take advantage of measurably longer drilling run time.  Developed jointly with Artemis; our partners in Germany, leveraging Artemis’s decades of rubber compounding experience, technical expertise, fully equipped rubber laboratory, and experienced rubber chemists. Spira System’s stator elastomers are engineered to provide extended life and maximum resiliency in the toughest down hole drilling applications.

G88A™ is our latest hard rubber compound with a demonstrated track record of maximizing torque in demanding downhole applications. G88A™ has excellent mechanical and swell properties at elevated temperatures . Stators lined with G88A™ rubber sized correctly for the application can handle downhole drilling temperatures up to 320°F (160°C). Extended life at high temperatures continues to be a challenge for operators.  G88A™ is a well-rounded, uncompromising elastomer that is hard, survives hotter temperatures, and demonstrates improved resistance to swell in various drilling fluids.

• Exceptional swell resistance in water, saturated brine, diesel, and oil based drilling fluids.
• Optimized properties to minimize hysteresis heat buildup and stator chunking
• Wear resistance where drilling fluid has high concentration of solids and sand
• Superb rubber to tube bond strength